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Sep 12, 2020Liked by Logan Price

Thanks for sharing these well-thought out words, and I enjoyed your recommendations at the end. It made me laugh when you said the only thing that will offend you is if we don’t read any of the books you recommend! That is so how I feel when I recommend books!

I would personally prefer to say that loving Yahweh (God) and loving others is our primary purpose, but if we do it right, it ends up being the same as what you said, “knowing God and making Him known.” I just prefer to stick to the way Scripture says things because, in my experience, it’s easy for nuances and varying interpretations to slip in, and after a while, something that was originally rooted in Scripture means something it was never intended to mean. That can obviously also happen with Scripture itself, but I find it’s a little easier to walk my way back to the truth when I stick to what Scripture actually says.

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